Rigo Onboards 101 Customers in RigoHR Cloud Platform

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101 customers in RigoHR Platform

In a short period of release, Rigo has onboarded and 101st customer in its cloud based next generation RigoHR platform.

Rigo team celebrated the success of its next generation platform and thanked all the stakeholders, including the development, DevOps, security, sales and implementation team, who collaboratively made this feat possible. This remarkable accomplishment wouldn’t have been achieved without the dedication of our exceptional team, who tirelessly worked around the clock to make it a reality.

In this occasion Rigo would also like to thank the customers who trusted in Rigo to adopt the next gen platform. The customer response for the new RigoHR platform has made us even more excited and proud of our work.

Rigo’s vision to empower Human Resources Function and HR Professionals

Rigo is working toward its vision of a Happy and Healthy workplace where all the stakeholders work together toward achieving organizational and people goals in a seamless way. We believe the system should be seamlessly blended to cover organization’s people operations and activities to support all the participants in achieving organizational, managerial and individual roles and responsibilities.

HR is not just for the organization and management. Employees are the most important participant of the HR ecosystem. Only when employees and middle managers are empowered and given proper soft tool to clearly understand organization expectation, their roles and responsibilities, learning and development opportunities, fair and transparent pay and performance review, a way to celebrate achievements and share their voices – everyone will move in unison toward organizational goal achievement.

We also believe the ad-hoc management style should change to HR Best Practices where every HR Professionals working in an organization today or tomorrow are on the same page. We bring research backed and HR community endorsed tools, techniques, and methods into RigoHR to promote HR Professionals toward HR Best Practices.

What is Next Generation Cloud Based RigoHR Platform

The technological and business landscape has changed vastly in the last few years. Rigo has adopted the technological advancement in enterprise and mobile applications including usability, scalability, and security to provide exceptional experience to the user. The platform has been built in Micro-services Cloud Native architecture.

In the feature and functionality front, the new RigoHR platform is a true Human Resources Solution from Employee Planning and Recruitment to Employee Exit in the single connected platform.

We have worked tirelessly on the user experience part of the software, too. The modern and accessible user interface truly makes the platform easy to adopt without any training to the users. This truly sets apart RigoHR from other alternatives in Nepal who promise many things in paper but almost nothing works in reality.

At the same time the new Cloud Based (SaaS) solution has provided easy and simple subscription pricing without requiring huge initial investment. Now, anyone can afford the system for a small monthly fee.

Major features and functionalities the new RigoHR Platform

Technology and Security

  • Cloud Native Micro-service Architecture
  • Exceptionally Reliable and Highly Scalable
  • 5X faster application compared to classical system
  • Enterprise grade security
  • Google, Microsoft Single Sign On
  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Data Privacy
  • Integration with customer or third-party systems via API
  • Mobile First approach for employees and managers

Investment and Cost Effectiveness

  • Subscription based service
  • No upfront purchase cost
  • Pay a very small monthly fee for the number of employees you have
  • Modular system – choose between packages based on your requirements

Features and Functionality

  • Online Corporate Recruitment and Applicant Tracking System
  • Employee On-boarding
  • Flexible Roles and Permissions
  • Events and Events History
  • Job Description and KSAs
  • Reporting Structure and Approval Chain
  • Complete Maker and Checker
  • Standard / 360 Degree Performance Review
  • Goals and KPIs
  • Learning Management System
  • Tasks Management System
  • Shift Scheduling
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Travel Order, Advance, and Settlement
  • Mobile Attendance with Geo-fencing
  • FieldPro – Employee Field Visit Tracking
  • Employee Self Service – Investment, Tax Planning and Insurance
  • Manager and Executive Analytics
  • Expense Claim
  • Advance Request
  • HR Help Desk
  • Grievance Handling
  • …and many more exciting new features and functionalities

Future Roadmap

RigoHR Cloud platform is a living platform, we never stop enriching and enhancing the system to make it better every day. The beauty of SaaS system is – you continuously get those features, updates and enhancements as part of software subscription.

In line with our continues update modality; we have been working to transform the platform in three initial phases along with the continuous update process.

In the first phase, we worked in HR Operation, Learning, Performance and Development. Many new and existing features have been added and most of the things have been automated.

Next, in the second phase, we are working on further enhancing Phase I features and some exciting new modules to facilitate employee engagement and feedback including:

  • Vibes and Voices
  • Pulse Survey
  • Employee Exam

These modules will be available in our next release.

In the third phase, we will be releasing advanced payroll, analytics and AI functionalities.

Thank you again Rigo Family – “our team and our customers”.