Tax Office makes it mandatory to synchronize Invoices and Credit Notes to Central Billing Monitoring System (CBMS)

Rigo Invoice integrated with Tax Office CBMS

Nepal’s Tax Office (Inland Revenue Department – IRD) had made it mandatory to issue Electronic Computer Invoices for certain categories of organizations and organizations with revenue/transaction above 10 crore with provision to integrate with CBMS in the software.

Now, IRD has issued a notice for companies with more than 35 crore to integrate their computer billing invoices and credit notes to the Central Billing Monitoring System (CBMS).

CBMS is an IRD system that receives and stores Computer Invoices and Credit Notes issued from IRD Approved VAT Billing Software. When you create and save an Invoice or Credit Note in your computer billing system, the billing information is sent to IRD CBMS system through API automatically in real time.

How to setup CMBS Sync

If you are using IRD Approved VAT Billing System there should already be a provision to input CMBS url, username and password in the VAT Billing Software. Different software might have different interfaces for user credentials input. Enter the credentials into your VAT Billing Software and save the setting. Once configured, each time you create an Invoice or Credit Note, the software sends the data to the CBMS server with saved credentials. IRD says you can use the same username and password you use to login to Tax Payer’s Portal.

IRD has prepared a document describing how to integrate your software with CMBS.

करदाता आफुले बिजक जारि गर्ने सफ्टवेयरलाइ केन्द्रीय बिजक अनुगमन प्रणालीमा आवद्द गर्ने तरिका

Precautions you should take

  1. Make sure you use reliable VAT Billing Software, like Rigo Accounting
  2. Make sure your software encrypts the IRD user name and password
  3. Make sure you enter correct information when creating Tax Invoice so that you do not need to cancel the invoice.
  4. Confirm the Invoice information with the buyer or customer before you create the invoice to avoid dispute later on that may require you to cancel the invoice.

If you need any assistance regarding Electronic VAT Billing or Integration with CBMS, contact Rigo.