HR & Payroll Management

Rigo Human Resource and Payroll Management Software is the best HRMS software in Nepal. Rigo HRMS manages employees from recruitment to retirement in an easy and efficient manner. Many of the large Banks and Corporates have been adopting Rigo HRMS. read more

Accounts and Inventory Management

Rigo Accounts and Inventory Management System is a modern Financial Management System. It can be run by anyone with basic business process knowledge without debits and credits. Rigo Accounts has been designed for ease of use and easy availability of information at your fingertips. read more

Fixed Assets Management

Rigo Fixed Assets Management System manages your complete Fixed Asset Life Cycle from Purchase, WIP, Capitalization, Repair & Maintenance, Tracking (Barcode/Normal Label), Employee Assignment, Location Transfer, Depreciation (Tax/WDV/SLM) and Disposal. read more

Vehicle Financeing

Vehicle Financing is a hire financing software with complete financing lifecycle from customer inquiry to managing all the aspects of financing process. The software is best suited for Vehicle Finance like motorbike and cars. read more

Hotel Management

Hotel Management System handles regular operations from online booking, room management to billing for Medium and Small hotels. You can integrate the booking engine to your website for easy publicity and attract new generation guests. read more

School/College Management

School/College Management system handles educational institution's billing and students management along with complete general accounting system. It has easy and robust bulk billing and student management system. read more

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