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Easy to use

Rigo ERP captures the business flow and anyone with basic business concept can use the system with minimal training. In most of the cases no debits or credits are required – knowledge of business is enough to correctly record business transactions.

Document and Comment

Attach important documents with your vouchers for future reference. Use the document library to search and view documents and attachments. The system has inbuilt document/voucher comment features to record your note or comment.

Role and Approval Flow

Assign only the required level of authority to employees and managers. You can set location, time and days of system access. Use document approval features for better check and balance. Strong transaction control and detailed document history with easy to track report minimizes errors and fraud.

Easy to Understand Reports

Financial reports are easy to locate and read by even non-financial people. The software not only makes it easy for accountants; it makes it very easy for owners to know the exact/real-time position of business, cash balances, dues and receivables. When you can read financial statements clearly; you can make better informed decision for your business.

Purchase Order to Pay

Prepare, approve and e-mail/print Purchase Order from the system and track the order through out the purchase to pay life cycle: Requisition – PO – GRN - Quality Check - Bill - Payment

Stock Management

Enterprise version of the software has in-built stock management system for internal use or trading purpose. Track your stock, sales or consumption easily. Various stock reports make it easy to track which item is required when. For internal consumption, you can track department/branch/cost center wise stock consumption.