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The Best and Easy to Use
Accounting Software in Nepal

with IRD Approved VAT Billing


For Owners and Executives

Rigo system is Modern and Easy to Use Accounting System built on the Solid Foundation of Accounting Best Practices with strong internal control and analytics features. The reports are easy to read by any business man without the knowledge of Debits or Credits. You only need to know your business to udnerstand and interpret Rigo Analytics and Reports. You can get the insight of your business anytime anywhere through mobile app or accounting software to make informed business decisions.

For Finance Managers and Accountants

Financial Management becomes easy with Rigo's strong core accounting with error control, review and approval features, the software makes your job very easy and effortless. You can control who gets what right and who gets to review and approve the transactions. Document Comment and Attachment feature allows you to advice and engage with your team on the go. The ready-made business and statutory reports save your most demanding time.

Complete Accounting Software

Rigo Accounting Software is the best and easiest web-based financial management software built for Nepal. It focuses on easy operation and informed management decision making. The software is build with enterprise grade quality and security.

Easy to use

Rigo ERP captures the business flow and anyone with basic business concept can use the system with minimal training. In most of the cases no debits or credits are required – knowledge of business is enough to correctly record business transactions.

Document and Comment

Attach important documents with your vouchers for future reference. Use the document library to search and view documents and attachments. The system has inbuilt document/voucher comment features to record your note or comment.

Easy to Understand Reports

The software is not only easy for accountants; it makes it very easy for owners to know the exact/real-time position of business, cash balances, dues and receivables. When you can read financial statements clearly; you can make better decision for your business.

Retail POS - Point of Sales

You have the flexibility to bill your customers from Tablet using Mobile Point of Sales System. No need to sit with bulky ocmputer or laptop in the sales counter. Mobile POS save space and makes selling easy. The POS System comes with online payment features.

Role and Approval Flow

Assign only the required level of authority to users. Restrict log in days, time and network for added security. Use document approval for better check and balance. Strong transaction control, audit trail with easy to track report minimizes errors and fraud.

Purchase Order to Pay

Prepare, approve and e-mail/print Purchase Order from the system and track the order through out the purchase to pay life cycle: Requisition – Purchase Oorder – Goods Receipt Nonte - Quality Check - Convert to Bill and Vendor Payment

Stock Management

Enterprise version has in-built stock management system for internal use or trading purpose. Various stock reports make it easy to track which item is required and when. Within organization, you can track department/branch/cost center wise consumption.

Mobile App

For Owners and Investors, the Mobile App makes it effortless to view the organization update, fund position and dues tracking. It has major KPIs and Rations in easy to understand format. Get Business update on your mobile anywhere anytime.

Daraz Integration

Integrated with
Daraz E-Commerce

Rigo Accounts is Integrated with Daraz

Item Management

Stock Update

Order Receive

Packing Slip

Invoice Preparation

Price Update

VAT Bill
Legal and Compliance

VAT Billing
NFRS Ready

The Best Accounting System in Nepal is now NFRS Ready

IRD Approved VAT Billing

Integrated with CBMS

VAT and Purchase Books

NFRS Ready Chart of Accounts

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